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Puppetry Training

Yes! We offer training in a wide array of puppetry styles!

  • Classic "Muppet Style" Puppetry
    • Single rod, double rod, and live hand puppets
    • Hidden or visible puppeteer (Sesame Street versus Avenue Q style)
    • High level topics include puppet focus, voice/puppet synchronization, avoiding puppeteer fatigue, mouthing and movement stylizations
  • Shadow Puppetry
    • Simple, compound, and advance puppets
    • Developing new puppets, props, and scenery
    • Non-destructive modifications
  • Basic Hand Puppetry
    • Oobi basics (eyeballs only)
    • Sock puppetry manipulation and characterization
  • Large Scale and Whole Body Puppetry
    • Full-body puppets (i.e. Big Bird, Bear in the Big Blue House, Snuffleupagus)
    • Little Shop of Horrors and Audrey II puppetry
    • Frame puppetry (i.e. Warhorse, Lion King, etc.)
  • Most Puppet Workshops
    • $560 - Includes two, eight-hour sessions over two days
    • $50 per diem for all travel days
    • Airfare/travel, lodging extra
    • Puppet rental extra
    • Class sizes up to twelve (12) participants
Let us build a training session that works best for you!

For more details, or to schedule a rental or make a purchase, contact Sean Harrington:
  • Call - 818-648-6636
  • Email -