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TESTED.COM Blockheads

In late July of 2014, I contacted Norman Chan of TESTED.COM about teaming up to make some puppets of the starts of their two podcasts: Will Smith, Norman Chan, Adam Savage, and Jamie Hyneman. After throwing around some ideas, Norm and I settled on making working puppets of their "blockhead" icons from the site's splash screen, used in their videos.

I modeled the puppets in SketchUp, did some flat-surface modeling to get cut patterns for use on a laser cutter. After about a month of work, Norm and I shot a video in Los Angeles, and it was uploaded to YouTube on 10/8/2014. Here's a link...

And here's a link to some Pinterest images from the project...

  • Heads are 7" cubed; puppets are just over 12" tall
  • Solid, long-wearing core of reticulated foam
  • Comfortable mouth plates with foam grip ball on upper half
  • Soft and cuddly anti-pill fleece skins
  • Removable "props" in right hand
  • Custom lining on sides of jaw to reduce friction and ease fatique
  • Completely lined inside the head, with soft finger pad on top to provide just enough support for head


Development Timeline:
  • Protoype puppet - 2 weeks
  • Scale for production - 2 weeks
  • Cut and Prep Materials (all puppets) - 1 week
  • Foam Assembly (each puppet) - 2 days
  • Fleece Stitching (each puppet) - 3 days
Budget Estimate (all puppets):
  • Materials & Services (laser cutter rental, etc.) - $200
  • Assembly Time - $600
  • Price Per Puppet - $200

For more details, contact Sean Harrington:
  • Call - 818-648-6636
  • Email -