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Drowsy Chaperone - Record Albums

Yes! We have prop record albums for The Drowsy Chaperone...

  • Drowsy Chaperone 
    • Two-record albums with disc sleeves and color-coordinated disc labels
    • Full-color jacket with complete liner notes and production photos, including Beatrice Stockwell as The Chaperone.
    • "Mix Ups! Mayhem! A Gay Wedding!" printed on the back.
  • Enchanted Nightingale
    • Single record album with disc sleeve and color-coordinated disc label
    • Full-color jacket with production photos, including Roman Bartelli as emperor
    • Disc easily swapable with second disc from Drowsy Chaperone to recreate the Act Two mix-up. No touch records, Carmela!
Pricing:$100 + shipping
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Record albums do not feature music from The Drowsy Chaperone, and are intended for prop use only.

Note: the style and photographs on the albums may differ slightly from what is shown above.

For more details, or to schedule a rental or make a purchase, contact Sean Harrington:
  • Call - 818-648-6636
  • Email -